Transforming a Holistic Experience Design Agency's Website Into a Lead Generation Funnel

About the Company:

The Clever Space is a forward-thinking agency that creates brands, services, and products that cater to the future of the human experience. They approach their work from a comprehensive and interconnected perspective, with the goal of providing their clients with the best possible solutions.


Increase in Session Duration


Increase in Leads


Improvement in Search Engine Rankings


The Clever Space, a holistic experience design agency, needed help in transforming its website into a natural lead-generation funnel. They hired Lynrkead, a content writing agency, to tell an impressive brand story and generate more sales.


The Clever Space's website was not generating enough leads despite their impressive portfolio and innovative services. They wanted to improve their online presence and showcase their unique approach to experience design.


Lynrkead started by conducting a thorough analysis of The Clever Space's website and their competitors. They identified gaps in their content and noticed a lack of a clear call-to-action for potential clients. Lynrkead then developed a content strategy that would highlight The Clever Space's strengths and communicate their unique approach to experience design.


Lynrkead created a brand story for The Clever Space that would resonate with potential clients. They restructured the website to make it more user-friendly and ensure that visitors would be guided to the right pages. Lynrkead also optimized the website's content for SEO and created a lead magnet that would encourage visitors to share their contact information.


The Clever Space's website saw an immediate improvement in their lead generation. They experienced a 35% increase in leads within the first month of implementing Lynrkead's strategy. Their website's bounce rate decreased by 25%, and their search engine rankings improved significantly.


Lynrkead's content strategy was successful in transforming The Clever Space's website into a natural lead-generation funnel. The brand story they created and the optimizations made to the website's content and structure helped improve user engagement and generate more leads. The Clever Space was happy with the results, and they continue to work with Lynrkead to improve their online presence and grow their business.

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