How to Optimize Your Content Strategy During COVID-19

How to Optimize Your Content Strategy During COVID-19

COVID-19 and Disrupted Content strategy – Know how to make it right!

Over the past few months, Uncertainty has grown into the new normal for B2B’s and B2C. COVID-19 has a dramatic impact on consumer behavior, buyers’ intent, mobility, and media consumption habits. The whole world has shifted its focus towards pandemic; this scenario turns out to be downtime for businesses.

But there is always a spark of hope! Millions of people worldwide have taken over social media with #coronavirus and #COVID19 to share information. This shows brands and companies with flexible content tactics have a better chance of overcoming the different phases of the pandemic. Businesses and savvy marketers are updating the content strategies to stay relevant to their target audience virtually.

The question is, Where does your brand stand amidst all these conversations? If you’re looking to build a flexible long term brand in the first place. This article is especially for you. 

We are sharing a few things you can do to adjust your content strategies during COVID-19 and be prepared for the future.

Social Listening

Businesses should always have better ears for their customer and understand them as best as possible to deliver customer satisfaction or build brand credibility. But during a time of crisis, conversations with the customers are more vulnerable. Listen to what your audience is talking about and scan competitors’ social activities during the crisis. 

Social listening is a quick and easy way to resonate with the audience. It can help you quickly build short-form content without a pause on your content strategy. Explore how other industries are using social feeds to engage in the conversation. Brands are sharing mindful content to support their customers in tough times. Consider using trending social media hashtags with your brand posts to increase engagement. 

Refine your Content Calendar

If your industry is directly impacted by the pandemic, such as travel, hospitality, or any other, you should focus on your response to changes. Consider pausing all your preplanned campaigns and create content to speak up the brand’s response to the COVID-19. 

As the audience’s attention shifted to the crisis, it is better to review every content your planning to publish. Always be transparent, honest, and empathize with your content strategy. Consider sharing verified information and positive news relevant to the scenarios of your target audience. As many significant events across the world are canceled, Ad campaigns have slowed down, and there are substantial changes in the audience’s behavior.  So focus on content and visuals that can engage with customers directly in a more authentic way. Keep your content updated and review your content strategy every day for proper brand positioning during COVID-19. 

Make a smart Investment

SEO – Search engine optimization is a cost-effective and smart investment during an economic recession. People are turning to online more than ever before. SEO is a safe long term strategy, but it will take some time to show real results. But it can save your brand through inbound tactics on the longer run. 

Good SEO will produce excellent results and can reduce the overall cost. You can make most of this time to improve your website and optimize SEO for better reach during and after the pandemic. Improve loading speed and start delivering educational content with the right keywords research for sustainability. 

Optimize your Digital Channels

While we all practice social distancing, digital spaces have become the virtual connecting channels for the consumers. Now is the time you can optimize your digital assets and ensure you have the right marketing mix to build trust and make leads go down the buyer funnel. Identify valuable data and trends relevant to your business strategy and try pitching them.

Optimize your social channels with content that drives traffic. Try simplifying the repetitive process to find channels that have good results so far and get active on such a platform with more conversational posts. Evaluate and work only with top-performing content to save time and resources. 

Over To You

The situation is evolving, and brands are learning to build the best path forward. One of the best ways to regain customers is by understanding their mindsets and empathizing with your audience.

If you’re working remotely, it cannot be easy to keep teams organized. Consider sharing social trends, learnings from social listening, review the calendar regularly, and iterate. 

We are in this together. Get your positivity hype! We recommend you plan and set your content strategies for success in the future.

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