5 Big content trends for 2021

5 Big content trends for 2021

Were you thinking about creating content in 2021? 

Get ready to explore some of the biggest trends you should watch out for in 2021.

By the end of this year, even more, businesses will realize the importance of content creation and will enter the content game. There are significant changes in content creation and distribution, as well. 

In 2021, content marketing became a proven strategy that can work wonders for numerous businesses. 

Will content get better this year? Let’s find out!

1. Result Focused Content

Every brand is finding a way to promote services or products with the right content. Now, the competition for content has become intense. Businesses need a way to stand out and help the reader get faster results. 

By creating measurable metrics to track content success has become crucial. Set primary content goals and produce content consistently aligned to your strategy. Make your content easier to consume and get the readers to act as a result. 

2. Data-Driven Content 

Consumers are expecting instant answers to their questions. Google algorithms are getting smarter and smarter, and it requires a problem-driven approach in the content. A reliable content aims to provide informational and specific value to the targeted audience. 

But how do brands and content professionals determine the value they provide? 

It depends on the data. You’ll need to adopt a data-driven mindset to make your approaches and strategies work effectively on your audience. Robust strategies lead the content creating initiatives to use data to provide what your audience wants. Data-driven content creation is the apparent future. 

3. Use E-A-T

What is E-A-T? As we discussed earlier, this technique will definitely make your content better and smarter in 2021!

In August 2019, Google published a blog on Webmaster Central with reminders about its core updates. The blog recommended an action to improve the rankings on Google. 

It shared the guidelines of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)for content marketers. Google gave a huge hint to place your content on the search engine. The focus should be on proving expertise, authority, and trust in the content. This applies to all the website entities. 

Bringing E-A-T into content, you need to be exceptional, user beneficial, and relevant with the correct data & facts. As Google has stated its importance, may content strategies are including E-A-T techniques for effective SEO in 2020.

4. Podcasts 

Podcast listeners have nearly tripled in the last decade, and the projected number continues to grow. As the content is becoming more engaging to the audience, Podcast is obviously on fire this year. Podcast listeners have an increased chance of engaging further with the brands.

Audio content has become more effective as a growing trend, and still, podcasts landscapes are wide open for you to join.

If you’re not looking to create podcast content yourself, you might also consider appearing on other podcasts your audience listens. The Podcast brings you the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness.  

5. Video and Visual Storytelling

After blogs, video content was a massive deal in 2019 for both B2B and B2C.  Modern consumers are expecting video content from brands to keep them engaged for more extended types of content. For the same reason, the popularity of videos, dynamic imagery, and visual storytelling will continue to rise in 2021. 

With a consistent preference for video, brands are likely to pay attention to content their audience consumes to improve the quality of storytelling. If you have exceptional storytelling abilities, you are already there. 


In 2021, the spotlight is for the exceptional. Your Content has to look smarter, committed to the customer’s first approach. The possibilities of content creation and distribution have become super good. Content trends will always continue to emerge; you’ll have to test it out to see what’s working well for your customers. 

Out of these five big content trends, we recommend you try the data-driven Content with E-A-T techniques. It’s definitely worth your time.

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